Flat Track Hardware

During the recent times of economic downturn, with the housing market still trying to get back on track, many people are starting to make smarter and more practical decisions with how they spend their money. Instead of going out to eat, they’re staying home to make dinner. In place of going to see movies in theaters, they’re renting from places like Red Box. And instead of buying bigger, more expensive homes, they’re remodeling and redesigning interiors of homes they already own.

One of the design ideas that people are really loving is something called flat track hardware, also known as barn door hardware. This hardware is unique, novel, and reliable. It is particularly popular on the east and west coast, and is rapidly increasing in popularity across the United States and Canada.

But what is flat track hardware, or barn door hardware? Flat track hardware is a simple hardware system that allows for doors to slide back and forth in place of swinging in and out on hinges. It gets its name from the way the system is designed. A flat piece of track made of solid steel flat bar runs above the doorway and along the wall. Two track hangers are attached to the door at either end. These hangers roll along the track, sliding the door back and forth.

Homeowners are embracing this style of door hardware because it allows them to really accent the interior quality of a room at a very affordable price. Most of these systems cost less than $375 and are easy to install. They are an excellent alternative to pocket doors, improve the aesthetics of a home, and add overall value to a house.