Welcome Windows 7 – Microsoft’s Fresh and Hip OS

The tech world is abuzz with Microsoft’s long-awaited OS, Windows 7, will make its debut. Ever since a trial version was available for users to test earlier this summer, Microsoft users have been pleased with their preliminary experience using Windows 7 and have helped build public anticipation for this product.

With Windows 7, PC users can welcome a reliable, efficient and up-to-date version of Windows OS. The last time users had this was with Windows XP which though durable and familiar, is starting to get old since first being released in 2001. Compared to the varieties of Mac OS X available in the marketplace today, using XP feels akin to living in the Stone Age. The only other option available to PC users is Windows Vista which users agree is frustrating and not fun to use.

What the problem was with Vista

Mainstream consumers will appreciate Microsoft’s conscious effort to fix the flaws in Vista and Vista-associated bad experiences with the release of Windows 7. The biggest negatives with using Vista – the slowness, the constant barrage of security warnings, the many hardware requirements, and the incompatibilities with outside software/hardware – these issues are all eliminated in Windows 7. In addition, Microsoft can finally boast an OS that rivals in aesthetic appeal and friendly feel comparable with Mac’s most recent OS X, Leopard.

PC users that have previewed and tested Windows 7 agree that it’s the best version of Windows that Microsoft has produced. Not only does it improve upon Vista’s shortcomings, Windows 7 has added features and perks that are guaranteed to make the mainstream user’s experience easy, productive and satisfying.

Why Windows 7 is the best version

Windows 7 cleans up the clutter and provides new advantages in organizing the user’s files and programs. There are cool new Aero features to quickly view and launch pages and documents as well as arranging your taskbar and desktop. Compatibility with 3rd party software/hardware is improved as well as operating speed which is a big plus. Lastly, one of the more unique selling points and hidden luxuries of Windows 7 is the touch screen capability for users with the proper touch-support hardware.

There are 4 editions of Windows 7 available:

1) Starter which comes loaded into netbooks.

2) Business for professionals who want to access their company networks remotely.

3) Ultimate for tech people who want all features in all editions.

4) Home Premium for the mainstream consumer which costs about $120 for upgrades.

Previously, the mainstream and tech people have argued that Mac OS X is the best operating system. This doesn’t hold up now that Windows 7 beats Mac OS X in areas like better previews and navigation, easier organization of open windows and touch screen capabilities.

Consumers should expect a rush of new computers pre-loaded with Windows 7 and upgrade offers this upcoming holiday season. Windows 7 is a reliable, multipurpose and productive OS for any PC user.

Flat Track Hardware

During the recent times of economic downturn, with the housing market still trying to get back on track, many people are starting to make smarter and more practical decisions with how they spend their money. Instead of going out to eat, they’re staying home to make dinner. In place of going to see movies in theaters, they’re renting from places like Red Box. And instead of buying bigger, more expensive homes, they’re remodeling and redesigning interiors of homes they already own.

One of the design ideas that people are really loving is something called flat track hardware, also known as barn door hardware. This hardware is unique, novel, and reliable. It is particularly popular on the east and west coast, and is rapidly increasing in popularity across the United States and Canada.

But what is flat track hardware, or barn door hardware? Flat track hardware is a simple hardware system that allows for doors to slide back and forth in place of swinging in and out on hinges. It gets its name from the way the system is designed. A flat piece of track made of solid steel flat bar runs above the doorway and along the wall. Two track hangers are attached to the door at either end. These hangers roll along the track, sliding the door back and forth.

Homeowners are embracing this style of door hardware because it allows them to really accent the interior quality of a room at a very affordable price. Most of these systems cost less than $375 and are easy to install. They are an excellent alternative to pocket doors, improve the aesthetics of a home, and add overall value to a house.