Buying Woman’s Harley Davidson Boots

Motorcycle boots have made news for quite some time, though mainly because of the attraction it holds for fashionable bikers. However, have you ever considered the advantages of motorcycle boots?

o Well, they are there for a reason, and not just to add to your style quotient. They will protect your feet from any harm and from all sorts of weather conditions.

o Leg injuries have become very common when it comes to motorcycle accidents. Riders, sometimes out of sheer carelessness, end up hurting their legs. The best way to protect your feet and legs is thus to wear these boots, the plus point being that you’d end up looking fashionable too once you don them.

o Protective gear is essential when you go out riding your bike. Truth is that it will save your life on more than just one occasion. Thus, biker boots is an essential addition to your outfit. Remember, safety is not an issue that you can take jokingly.

o You would hardly find people stepping out without wearing a helmet, yet most ignore the fact that wearing boots will benefit them in case there is freak accident on the roads. Just as your helmet is of utmost importance, so is that pair of gloves and boots! Do not underestimate its importance while driving out on your bike next time.

o The question that most ask is, why do we need biker boots at all? Well, firstly you need to guard your feet against moisture and rough road conditions. You have to consider the heat and the friction that results during a bike ride, especially during the day. Thus, the requirements of a pair of motorcycle boots are these: they should be around ankle high (which protects the ankle from rotational torque by giving them support) and should be water resistant. A proper set of boots ensures that your toe and ankle get good support and you do not feel uncomfortable while wearing them for long hours.

Now, let us talk about woman’s biking boots. Surprised? Well, it is true that most women riders face discrimination while out on the roads riding their bikes- an area which is mostly considered a male domain. The truth is that times have changed and one need not be male to venture fearlessly out on the roads on a motorcycle. However, we women shall do it in our own way, with our own feminine grace!

And thus, Harley Davidson has launched a special line of women’s boots that one can wear with √©lan! Not only does it look stylish, it protects your feet against water and foreign particles. Your feet need not be caked with dust or mud, protect yourself with a pair of svelte women’s Harley Davidson boots.

So let your adrenaline pump. Do not cower with fear at the thought of a bike, just because you are not a man. Step out in style while riding a bike and remember to make your own rules (while not violating road laws obviously!) Go ahead and have the time of your life, and do so with these special protective and fashionable boots.

Motorcycle Crash Data From the US

Riding on a bike is one of the greatest experiences that you can even have in your lifetime. It somehow makes you feel rebellious, adventurous, thrilled, and free. All because of the atmosphere that you experience. The open air, the great company of other riders, and the places you easily have access to. But all this comes to an end when you get yourself or another person injured in a motorcycle accident.

Highway to Danger

People would say that accidents happen and is just a way of life when you are on the road. As long as you have your motorcycle apparel and motorcycle tires insured and latched up then you are good to go. This is true for some riders. They feel very little recourse. Sadly, this does not make up for the fact that after your accident, you would somehow feel a bit morose about what happened and indeed you would need more than just the physical healing. For others, these accidents may be a bit more traumatic. Also, it is not too late to look into the claims one can gather when faced or involved in a motorcycle accident.

What You Should Know

Accidents happen everyday, more frequently than not they occur in the United States. Here is some information you may want to take a look into.

1. Collision with another vehicle is the number one cause of the accident. A whopping 75% of motorcycle accidents are in this category just because other drivers do not see motorists on the road or recognize motorcycle apparel.

2. Motorcycle errors are also quite common. Samples of these are over braking or motorcycle tires which cause slide outs. These can easily be worked through but some people are not aware of the proper ways to do it.

3. The number one behavior that is studied to be the cause of these motorcycle accidents is when a driver makes a left had turn against a motorcycle that is driving straight.

4. 2 percent of the accidents that happen with motorcycles involve the weather.

5. 29 MPH is the speed that counts for most motorcycle accidents. Although this speed is still safe, still some drivers cannot manage this type of speed.

6. Alcohol, like in most cases, is causing half of these accidents on the road. Being under the influence of alcohol clearly gives you less control of your actions on your motorcycle. Even if you are complete with safety motorcycle apparel or have the best motorcycle tires, you still will have problems with your consciousness or the lack of ability to counter steer, break appropriately or avoid collision. It’s never a good idea to drink under the influence of intoxicated substances.

7. When large displacement motorcycles are on the road, the damage they can cause other vehicles much damage. Although they are quite underrepresented on the data that comes out, they are present.

8. A very critical motorcycle apparel that helps save lives yearly, is the motorcycle helmet.

9. Once a driver wears a helmet, it shows that he is less prone to be injured at the head, neck or spine.

These statistics show that it is indeed inevitable to have these accidents. Motorcycles are really dangerous and there is only so much that we can do to avoid them. If there is really a need to drive your motorcycle, drive it safely.